~ Open championship in martial arts ~

The Dragon Cup is an open martial arts competition, where we allow practitioners of various martial arts styles to compete within one comprehensive competition in individual disciplines, which are adapted for the universality and applicability of all martial arts styles with opponents not only from the Czech Republic, Europe, … Every style’s practitioner can find a discipline here in which they can compete, whether it be traditional disciplines such as forms, self-defense situations, contact disciplines, or testing their endurance in the iron horse stance!

Our goal is to unify as many martial arts styles and clubs as possible in one place and to establish friendship and cooperation among them. We believe that anyone can achieve mastery if they open their minds and step out of their limited field of vision. There are many different martial arts styles, each with its specific training methods and techniques, and precisely when everyone takes the best from individual styles that excel in specific areas (whether it be kicks, punches, mobility, acrobatics, etc.), they can become incredible dragon warriors! Therefore, during the competition, you might see, for example, a fight between Kung-fu X Karate, where each of the competitors uses different tactics, techniques, and thus both are forced to gain new experiences based on new situations that they have not yet encountered in their martial art. 🙂

~ Disciplines and Rules ~

~ Registrations ~

Download the registration form, fill it out, and send it to our email: DragonCupCZ@gmail.com 
Latest day for sending registrations is on 26th May 2024.

~ Competition area ~

Expected layout of battlefields in the area. It may still change.

Winter stadium STARS Karviná

Karola Śliwky 783/2a
Karviná – Fryštát, 733 01
Czech Republic


~ Competition Schedule ~

  • Online registration for competitors begins on Sunday, May 1, 2024, and ends on Sunday, May 26, 2024.
  • Registration and weigh-in for competitors on Saturday, June 1, from 7:30-9:00.
  • The official start of the event on Saturday, June 1, at 09:30 and concludes at 18:00 (depending on the number of registered competitors).

~ Accommodation ~

for year 2024

Hotel Sport – STARS Karviná – Recommended


Student accomodation of Silesian University

  • Web page: https://www.slu.cz/opf/cz/ovkmkoleje
  • Address: Na Vyhlídce 1079/1, 735 06 Karviná
  • Price: +- 1.200 Kč / doubleroom (2 beds)

“We look forward to your participation in the competition in the friendly, competitive atmosphere of the Dragon Cup event.”

Team Dragon Cup

Dragon Club Karviná, z.s.
+420 720 380 694


IČO:27025870, neplátce DPH
Karviná, Divišova 2823/16, 73301